Creation of Solid applications with low-code development platform Generative Objects

Dear all,

As a reminder, I am Walter Almeida, the creator the low-code development platform Generative Objects (GO) (, that I am now fully open sourcing.

I created a connector to Solid and and presented it in Solid World May : Solid World May 2020

I am now proposing to host an event to present more deeply my integration work between GO and Solid, and demonstrate how to actually create in minutes a SOLID application, without writing a line of code.

The intention is to get your feedback, evaluate the relevance of this integration and the value it can bring to the Solid community and see what is required next to make the most of this integration.

It is also an invitation for anyone who would be interested in joining the GO project or use the GO platform for their own projects.

Please tell me as comment to this post if you are interested, and where you are, so that I can arrange a time that would suit all participant time zones.

You can see the slides of my Solid World may presentation here :

The demo application here :

and the code source here :

Looking forward to connecting to you all !


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I am doing a full technical presentation of Generative Objects next 9th of june, check here :

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This looks very interesting! I am extremely interested in no-code and low-code oriented solid apps.

I tried to connect to using two of my WebIDs ( and but the interaction appeared to hangup.

Are there any assumptions being made by the app about what’s in my profile e.g., TypeIndexes etc?

Screenshot depicts my current connection related issue.


Hello @kidehen,
Thank your for your interest ! This demo is old already, not working properly. It was an early attempt. I have progressed since then, you can check this post :

It is a full demo on how to create a SOLID application using GO-LowCode. I will write to you on that thread !

This is the replay of this event :