Solid World May 2020

Tune into the Solid World May webinar on the 7th of May at 1600 CEST.

Read more about the presentations and the dial-in details here.

If you have any questions or requests for the presenters pop them here so that they have time to prepare and adapt to your interests.

If you are interested in presenting let me know via


Thanks for flagging @Leoudayan - should work

I would like to know wha’s the default folder where Darcy is storing posts.

As I tried the application and try to make a comment myself & it didn’t work. Indeed I granted permissions everyone to public/darcy/post into my Pod with data browser.

We create a folder called darcy in the public folder. On top of that, one needs to enable public write access to the inbox for comments to work.

for GO: how ‘themable’ is the front end? It looks very generic :slight_smile:

For DVO: What benefits have you seen to using Gun DB to augment Solid? Have you talked with Mark about some of his ideas for GUN Solid integrations. I know he’s had a few ideas.

For Glen Sinister (DVO Profile Manager): Reg the profile editor, what do you think about the granularity of access for each field? E.g. I might want to share my name and work title publicly, but might want to have sexuality private/hidden from public. Any ideas of how to allow this extra functionality but still keep the editor simple/easy to use?

Already enabled public write access (/public/darcy). Tried to make myself a comment without any result. Maybe the right question should be: Can you make comments yourself? ^^’

Link to the research paper on “Different ways to connect Solid pods and Blockchain” -

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apparently I can!

have you followed this here?

To Michiel (SNAP on Solid): Is there any interoperability between your project and Solid Pay (or will there be, you think)?

Yes. I already did. Could you please try to comment over my comment? :wink:

I plan to make it so that you can choose what info will be displayed to people visiting your profile. And if you don’t select an option, it won’t display. Depending on the profile type (e.g. personal, business, public service, charity) different options will be available when logged in. I’m going to break all of the options into categories, as to make it less cluttered.

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Thank you for our fabulous five speakers @jollyorc @walter.almeida @glensimister@Leoudayan @michielbdejong If you want to drop dial in links to set up calls with demos please feel free.

Great to see that the conversation is continuing here :slight_smile:

Tune in next month for the next edition of Solid World.


Thank you @MitziLaszlo for the invitation to Solid World May! I was honored to present the low-code platform GO and the generation of applications on top of Solid.

9 minutes is a bit short though to cover the subject … Who would be interested on a full presentation on how to model and automatically generate Solid Application using low-code technology ? I can host a presentation and go deeper in the subject.

In the meantime, this slides are here :

you can access the generated demo application for tracking visited places here :

And the generated application source code here :


Yes, thanks as well!
My slides about SNAP-on-Solid are here:
I also have an overview blogpost with more technical details about Network Ledger Technology in general.


@walter.almeida Great demo app!

two observations:

  • drop-down list to select places is very slow, ok for demo but unusable in practise
  • The app created a type registration terms:forClass schem:TextDigitalDocument ;
    • it should be terms:forClass n0:VisitedPlace ; since you are storing that type actually
    • I had already a registration for schem:TextDigitalDocument, you should have respected that, if you where actually going to store schem:TextDigitalDocument
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Thank you @aveltens for testing it and giving feedback !

Yes … this is why I included a disclaimer on the page saying you have to wait until the list shows…
The thing is I am querying real time the dbPedia SPARQL end point, that comprises almost 400 000 entries… And I did not check how to optimize. Directions to be taken :

  • check how to efficiently query dbPedia, if there is an optimized way
  • Other possibility is to build an index on top of dbPedia, that can be refreshed, for example, every night. Could be for example using elastic search, and that would include google like full text search.

Oh yes great. I can change this

I am pretty new on SOLID… so I guess that there can be only one registration per type ? What is TextDigitalDocument supposed to contain ? your notepad data ?

My understanding after your comment is : the best way to ensure there is no name collision is to use your own application namespace + types names ?

Thanks again for feedback !

This is what notepod used for notes

Ohhh, no, that is actually not what I wanted to say. The whole idea of solid is being interoperable. So reuse existing types and data where applicable. If your app e.g. allows to store textual notes about the places I visited, you can use the existing type index to find out where I want to store those notes and it allows your app to find notes I already stored using other apps.

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