Solid World May 2020

Oh yes great, got it !

Is there somewhere a list of commonly used data type somewhere ? or is this just all the ontologies existing out there ? for instance, any idea of what common type / ontology can be used for describing this concept of visited place ?

I mean : I am using the dbPedia ontology for place and countries, I guess this ok. But what about an ontology to link these places with me : with date of visit and comments, maybe other stuffs?

Here is a list of well-known vocabularies

If you find something else that is useful, please edit and file a PR.


@walter.almeida I haven’t done searching for vocabularies in anger yet, but I would like you start with obvious popular ones such as those which dbPedia uses along with foaf, rdfs, etc and also look at using cross referencing IDs for real things and concepts such as Yago (which takes all the Wikidata ontologies which is rich, but I gather also a bit of a mess being crowdsourced). Yago provides a mapping to (I think, going from memory here which is always getting me in trouble :wink:).

Another excellent resource which I’ve again not used in anger is Linked Open Vocabularies where you can find lots of useful stuff including ontologies by ‘tag’ (keywords):

I was going to look at building LOV’s data into VisLab’s SPARQL endpoints interrogator, but I’ve got enough info for now so am back to improving interactive search and explore of datasets. To start in going to include dbPedia and then explore by pulling in data from/via Yago.

So I can point to some useful links in those areas of anyone’s interest is peaked.

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