Simply Chat. A place for light hearted quick questions and comments



I wanted to open up a place which is dedicated to simple quick chat without a particular theme. How’s the weather? How are you? Where can I find info on…? and other chit chat and quick questions (preferably solid themed)

If you have a more elaborate question or would like to delve deep into a specific topic please have a look if there are other threads on your theme. If there are not any open themes on the topic you would like to talk about go ahead and start a new thread.


Weather is as to be expected, thanks for asking. Still adjusting to the time change, though…


Maybe someone could build a weather app based on your location on solid? :slight_smile:


Meanwhile, fingers crossed for some good news today (and a tip for those of you on twitter to follow Alexander, who is a great advocate for our rights to privacy online):


The TED talk of this week is on decentralisation, here it is


Started creating a page in my pod with references on how to get start with solid

feel free to collaborate


Please be aware that your POD does not have any changelog, so you will loose everything without a trace if someone tries to delete it or make silly changes. Something like Github is probably better for that purpose.


thanks, got it


“But have you named them yet?” – Abbé Faria


I spent an hour yesterday adding triples to my profile, to later see them all inexplicably disappear… I’m now longer confident that anything hosted on Solid is safe. I’m not sure what the best way to track changes and/or backup data would be.


I’m currently treating it as development; start every time from scratch and fill in with scripts and code interfaces for a given test instance.

When I update components and the pieces, I clone everything fresh because if I don’t it can say I don’t have authorization to do anything.

This is what my Abbé Faria quote was referring to; when you think you’ve worked hard counting all the stones there is yet more and more pain staking work to be done:-) But it will get there