Conceptual Design - Solid better User Experience



I am working on a React App with improved user experience and also introduce new (or improved) some concepts.

Simple prototype here:

For Solid to have a solution that “anyone” including my father :slight_smile: can use, the experience must really be much less technical than it is today. I know there is some very skilled people working on a UI right now, so this is not a UI proposal, just some thoughts from what I have seen today and what could be done to make it easier to adapt for the masses.

The main concept is a Dashboard that is interactive and also shows you relations between things, for example who/what you shared your data with. Be able to call instantly from contacts, add appointment directly to calendar and so on.

Please feel free to chat with me on Gitter and/or add comments to this interactive Prototype, that includes a login and a Dashboard that visualise some of my ideas.

We will continue hacking on the React App improved experience, mainly logic stuff, rewrite some solid libs to ES6 etc…, but we will not put any UI focus until the Solid UI will arrive. We could always use a hand, we have big day time projects to deliver as well, senior level ES6+ and React is required.



Cool design!

Dashboards are a really cool concept, and something we usually see more as an app-specific dashboard(one that just one website on its own would implement).

General user dashboards haven’t yet reached a climax in terms of innovation, I personally think, so it’s cool that you’re working on this.

In terms of the design: I really like how you have the colored blocks on each div section(ex. the blue indicator next to My Profile). I also really like how you set this grid up and are demonstrating all of the different features of Solid, mainly who you choose to share your data with.

The two things I’d watch out for is spacing, especially on the navbar, and content nesting(how much content you put in each panel), especially for calendar and health. What I’m getting from the design is that you want the user to get a general feel for the content and then have an expanded view when they click at it, so it might be more important for your own purposes to capitalize on how captivating you can make the panel’s design can be.

Overall, cool stuff!!


I think someone (read: Not me, as I’m not a developer) should throw some work on this because frankly, this is such a vast improvement over this here, I cannot even put it into words :slight_smile:

It would work wonders on making non-technical people more enthusiastic about Solid.


Yeah, that’s very true.


@eduardoinnorway, this would be an excellent addition. “Relationship is the currency of every living system” ~ Louise Diamond

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