Choosing a website hosting platform

Hi, I’m starting a new consumer centric commercial enterprise. The core principles of which, very much align with those of Solid and and the ideas and thinking around The Intention Economy / VRM. I’ve been very much inspired by them all and have some great ideas around product and service problems that data pods and apps help me to solve. I want the business to be built as and part of an open source, collaborative eco system, recognising that at this moment in time, we may need to start, collaborate and evolve with some more proprietary frameworks and products. My current challenge is to design and build a website that is an affordable and simple option for a start up - we don’t have ‘tech team’. A website platform that works for e-commerce but that can also connect and integrate with Solid and products now and as they emerge. As a start up, I’m finding it hard to work out the best hosting / app platform to start with that meets these criteria. Does anyone have any thoughts on the areas below.

  1. Choice of web hosting platform eg Webflow, Wordpress or other
  2. Where to look for developers that can help me refine our use case for Solid - need some expert tech help.
    Thank you. Lisa