Announce : major new version of Solid-Shell

A major new version of Solid-Shell is now available. This package is a tool for handling Solid files and folders from the command-line, in an interactive shell, and using batch-processing. You can upload and download files and folder trees, move them between remote pod locations, automate and test tasks with robust error logging options. Solid Shell is built on top of Solid-File-Client and is therefore able to handle linked resources (.acl,.meta) and other Solid-specific features.

Here’s an example batch file which can be run from the command-line, called from the interactive shell, or automated with a chron script. It operates on local files, but could just as easily operate on files in a remote pod.

    ; set verbosity and clean test area
    ; create a local folder, create a file in it,
    ; test that the folder and file have the correct contents;
    ; delete the file and folder

    verbosity 0
    rm ./test-folder/
    cr ./test-folder/
    cr ./test-folder/test-file.txt This is a text file.
    test files ./test-folder/ test-file.txt
    test content ./test-folder/test-file.txt This is a text file.
    rm ./test-folder/

    ; expected output :
    ;   ok files for test-folder
    ;   ok content for test-file.txt