Abnormal response time after sharing


For an experimentation, I wanted to share “Owners” rights to @happybeing & @tag42git on a pod,

but it seems that it has an influence on the time the pages need to load :
so now, those pages are really long to load :

Even the basic operations in the databrowser, like uncollapse the public folder are very long

If I remove @tag42git, the time to load is a little shorter, and if i remove @happybeing the time to load is correct.

I don’t think that the number of webId with which I share must have an influence of the loading .
Is it a known issue ?

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Yes, I gave up this morning. Be interesting to get to the bottom of this!


difference is observable at https://agora.solid.community/public/sharingtest/
where “oneshared” inherits from shring of the public folder & “notshared” has no other “owner” that “agora”

https://agora.solid.community/public/sharingtest/notshared/ loads in 1.04s
and https://agora.solid.community/public/sharingtest/oneshared/ loads in 5.04s


Why are there two whiteboard.ttl in /public?
Why does agora appear twice on #this?

Also, when I try to access some of the links on this page, they do not load, was wondering if could cause this to slow down?


I may be completely off base here on this, and I may be confused so forgive me in advance… when I look at the source code under /public/plume it appears to want to run source code as the app, but at the same time, there is a /public/plume/index.html that nothing come up under, is one of these canceling the other out, slowing down somehow the process?


@adventure plume is not the problem, here, there are other problems in Plume, (css / js & img folders are recognized as files and not folders) but the slow-down is observable on public folder.
if you want to try, take a folder on your Pod and add two “owners” via the sharing options, you should see the same slow-down