My inbox is buggy!


After resetting the permissions to default i got this:

how can i add my inbox permissions again?


how do i fix the ACL files?


It is a mashlib dataBrowser acl pane bug that should be solved in NSSv5.2.0
You can actually test it on
NSSv5.2 shall be pushed to after confirmation tests.


Hi! I wasn’t aware of this bug but I do know both and were actually just upgraded to version 5.2 of node-solid-server on Monday, so maybe you can test it again now and see if that fixed the issue?


I logged in but i still dont have rights, i am on the space. can i change my rights with the dev.inrupt? because its a different hosting spot


I am not sure I understand.
Are you logged in to ?
If not can you try to log with
(I had to go that way after migration to 5.2.0)


yes i am logged in but my acl files are messed up