Web error: 401 (Unauthorized) on GET


I have been away from Solid and the forum for a while but now I am back! :slight_smile: And I get this terrible Error:
Web error: 401 (Unauthorized) on GET of <https://teodora.solid.community/profile/card>
Has anyone stumbled upon such thing. I am not sure what exactly went wrong.
Here’s a screenshot:


See NSS 5.0.0 =>10 to go!


Also the thread Which version of node-solid-server should I install?


Thank for the links. I am afraid I can’t resolve the issue with what I read.


Nope, they are in a firefight. All the travis builds are passing for the server and solid-auth-client. But a usable reference implementation is quite allusive.

is what I see for the unforeseeable future.


I already had this problem It seems I was not logged with the same WebId on the card page and the root page. I think It appears because the browser cache is not cleared and cache value is used by the solid-authorization popup


I can see your profile fine @TheodoraPetkova. I have had the same experience as @bourgeoa - if I had previously logged in with a different webID, the node server seems to get confused and treat me as unauthorized even though the page I was trying to access was publicly accessible. Logging out and then back in again seems to solve it.


@bourgeoa @jeffz I experienced similar issues as you guys. Did you already create an issue for that? I haven’t as I was not able to reproduce it.


No I don’t. I did not try to reproduce it.
I have to check if it the Pb occurs in Firefox, Chrome or both.


No I haven’t submitted an issue yet. I saw the error with both solid-ide and with solid-file client. It should be easy to create a reproducible test with solid-file-client. But I’m in mid-revision of that, it should be ready later this morning.


@kjetilk Does the ACL checker use the ResourceMapper? That might be a cause for a 401, if ACL checker thinks the name of the resource is card$.ttl.


It’s not that case it happens in v 4.xx before the implementation of card$.ttl

As I understand the problem there seem to be no logout before the loading of the popup login.
You think you login with you new WebID. It is not true you logged with the old one.


Hey ! Sorry for the lag in my reply, I was summoning up :slight_smile: power to get back to trying. It appeared though that when I logged out and then logged back in, all is working. For now :slight_smile: Also, I have never had another WebID.