Getting Started Tutorial Returning Error

Hi Folks,

I setup an account for myself at and then walked through the process for creating the Getting Started app as outlined here: Getting Started · Solid

I ran the application as instructed and the page loaded successfully. I was able to authenticate to the SOLID POD and write my name to it. However when I attempted to “Read back the name” I received an error:

Entered value [] does not appear to be a WebID. Error: [Error: Expected entity but got ; on line 1.]

Attempting to go to my card in a browser also returns an error:

Outline.expand: Unable to fetch <>: Failed to load <> Fetcher: Error trying to parse <> as Notation3: SyntaxError: Line 1 of <>: Bad syntax: expected directive or statement at: "; <" status: 200

This is strange since I have not made any changes to the tutorial and copied and pasted the code in rather than typing it by hand. You can see my index.js here: SOLID POD Getting Started Error Code · GitHub

Am I doing something wrong?


Hi Dave, welcome to the Solid forum,

Unfortunately you had the bad luck of running into a bug just before it’s fixed: Getting Started tutorial destroys card data in profile · Issue #546 · solid/ · GitHub

(Or actually, a combination of three separate problems that resulted in this.)

The bad news is that it has broken your profile, which is needed to sign in to your Pod. There are two options to repair it:

  1. Delete your Pod, then recreate it anew.
  2. Since you’re on, you can submit a request for the server administrators to restore it.

Meanwhile, a new version of solid-client is being prepared that should prevent the issues from causing this much trouble; you can try it out already by running npm install @inrupt/solid-client@main.

Edit: A new version of solid-client has been released that guards against this issue, and the docs have been updated to avoid it as well.

Apologies for the inconvenience; I know this is not a great experience :slightly_frowning_face:

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:cry: I met the same problem, Could you tell me how to delete my pod?And i want to update my profile,are there any other way to replace the methods in the tutorial ?

Sorry to hear that :slightly_frowning_face: For deleting your Pod, see

Both the tutorial and the library have been updated so this cannot happen again, so if you update to the latest version (npm install @inrupt/solid-client@latest) you should be good to go now. And again, apologies for the inconvenience.