Abnormal server response time

Hello all,

Im trying to develop a web app that retrieves some health data from the solid pod( Community Solid Server) that my teammate deployed on another website. However I’m having a problem with the server response time, where all my requests(fetching card after auth, getSolidDataset, getFile…) from the web app takes approximately 20s “waiting for server response” time as shown in the image below. After certain time (about 1.5min) the unfinished requests will be terminated and send error reports(504).

I don’t have much experience working with solid, so I’m wondering if this is caused by our server configuration or does my web app do something that makes the server overloaded.

Thanks very much in advance!

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That’s for solidcommunity.net, but as I understand it, @silyu26’s teammate is running CSS somewhere themselves.

(Unfortunately I’m not sure what the issue could be. I’m not too familiar with CSS, but what you could try is whether the requests complete more quickly using https://solidweb.me, which also runs CSS. If it does work there, it’s likely an issue with the teammate’s setup.)


Thanks so much for the hints! I redirected my auth request against solidweb.me and it has a very normal (50ms) server response time, so now my teamate and I will try to find out if the server setup is problematic. Thanks again!