NSS 5.0.0 =>10 to go!


then the fun begins:-)


Good, it looks like todo’s have gained some important bugs to fix:-) Makes me happy


Readiness allusive as of this morning’s update
Firefox times out on TLS handshake and then other web pages hang such as a google search. When firefox is quit it then crashes

Vivaldi gets thru registration but no getting to user pages

Chrome - no getting to user pages

Hopefully this week will bring good news

— Dec 13 —
Firefox time out where there have been 7 to 8 same name self certs independent problem from nss

Created a user but wouldn’t authorize me to go to user host. If I type the public folder on I get there

Out of Firefox, Chrome, Vivaldi, Opera ad Brave only Opera allowed me to create a folder under public

[Brave can’t do anything with a self cert]

My dev apps can’t get any authorization in public/

—Dec 18—
Same behavior stating from fresh clone of release/v5.0.0. by typing the url https://roger.localhost:8443/public/ can get to

and after hitting the green check got to
and if I hit the Log in button get the popup
hit the top left blue button get

the folder does not get created. Nor by rest calls from test client pages.
On server side get lots of messages like

  solid:ACL Permissions on https://roger.localhost:8443/public/ for public: read +0ms
  solid:get /public/ on roger.localhost +1ms
  solid:handlers GET -- Reading directory +2ms
  solid:handlers Files in directory: .acl +0ms
  solid:get    sending data browser file: /home/roger/NodeProjects/node-solid-server/static/databrowser.html +1ms
  solid:ACL Using ACL https://roger.localhost:8443/public/.acl for ./ +1s
  solid:ACL accessDenied: checking access to <https://roger.localhost:8443/public/> by null and origin null +0ms
  solid:ACL modesAllowed: checking access to <https://roger.localhost:8443/public/> by null and origin null +1ms
  solid:ACL    2 direct authentications about <https://roger.localhost:8443/public/> +0ms
  solid:ACL    Checking auth <https://roger.localhost:8443/public/.acl#owner> with agent null +0ms
  solid:ACL     Agent or group: Fail: not public and not logged on. +0ms
  solid:ACL      The agent/group/public check fails +0ms
  solid:ACL       Check failed: User Unauthorized +0ms
  solid:ACL    Checking auth <https://roger.localhost:8443/public/.acl#public> with agent null +0ms
  solid:ACL     Agent or group: Ok, its public. +0ms
  solid:ACL      Origin check not needed: no origin. +0ms
  solid:ACL       Mode allowed: <http://www.w3.org/ns/auth/acl#Read> +0ms
  solid:ACL accessDenied: modeURIorReasons: ["User Unauthorized","http://www.w3.org/ns/auth/acl#Read"] +0ms
  solid:ACL  checking <http://www.w3.org/ns/auth/acl#Read> +1ms
  solid:ACL   Mode required and allowed:<http://www.w3.org/ns/auth/acl#Read> +0ms

Web error: 401 (Unauthorized) on GET