A predicate for preferred locale?

For the ActivityPods framework, I would like the user to be able to indicate his/her preferred locale.

I would like this to be a public information (e.g. in the WebID), so that applications/clients know what language to use when sending notifications to the user.

Do you know of any ontology that include such a predicate ? I have looked at FOAF and ActivityStreams (since ActivityPods use both ontologies for the WebID), but to no avail.

Thanks !

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In the shape being developed for the Solid WebID Profile spec, the predicate used is schema:knowsLanguage and the object is specified as a collection. Since it is a collection rather than a list, it is ordered, so the first one in the collection can be considered the preferred one. The SolidOS profile pane uses this collection to try to find a person’s occupation in the appropriate language, moving down the through the collection if it can not find matches. This allows gracefull degradation, supporting choice of the langauge that is cosest to the top. At least this all how I think it works, @timbl woud know for sure.


Thanks for the answer !

That’s an elegant way to combine the knowledge of the preferred language, as well as the list of all languages the user knows. :slight_smile:

Since we don’t handle RDF collections yet (not so easy to store in a triple store), we will use schema:knowsLanguage with a single entry for now, and we will see later to upgrade to a collection.