Creating a POD with custom Ontology


I’m pretty new here, but I was wondering if there is a possibility to create a pod using a custom ontology different from what is currently used for the Solid Web Profile?

If its possible is there any helpful resources to start with?

Some ontologies such as Linked Data Platform are essential to Solid. It isn’t a pod if it doesn’t have triples in the form <foo> a ldp:Container; ldp:contains <bar>. Other ontologies such as foaf and pim are heavily used in profiles and preferences. Those are all optional but if you want people to find things in your profile, using common ontologies such as those is important. Other than that, you can do anything you want, use other ontologies, invent ontologies, etc.


Hi jeffz, thank you for your reply. This is possible by implementing my own solid server?

You can do it on your own server if you want, but having your own server makes no difference at all in what ontologies you use. The server has no demands on the ontologies other than some core ones like LDP (defines containment structures) and ACL (defines access control). You would need those on your own server as well. Other than those, you can use any ontology you want on any server.