How to Support Multiple Languages?


Hi Folks,
I am looking at adding language templating to Solid Pods and Apps. Has there been any thoughts on this aspect of development as everything I’ve seen so far is hard coded "str : " or " text : " pattern plain text English strings passing through to the UI ?


I’m not quite sure what “language templating” is, but RDF Literals support a language attribute. If you use an RDF/JS-compliant library, for example, this documents how to set it:


@Vincent Thanks for the link - helpful for sure.
My reference to language templating is to be able to program a way to replace the static language (headers / text etc) sitting in the Pod Server code with user s’preferred language (currently its hard coded English directly into module code).
imo - It’s not very internationally inviting at the moment.


Ah, if I understand you correctly, I don’t think that’s Solid-specific? It’s up to each Pod server implementation to implement internationalisation functionality for their server-specific interfaces, so I suppose you might want to file a feature request with the server you intend to use? (And likewise for the apps.)