Storing user preferences in a POD

I am writing a trading application and am looking at having it work for solid users. I am wondering what the best approach would be for storing a user’s preferences in their Solid POD. So say all preferences fall into one of two categories - Market and Trading. And then within these categories we can have specific preferences or further sub-categories and so on. So the preferences could be outlined in a tree something like the following:

Could someone recommend me the best way to save/restore such a tree in a user’s solid POD?


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maybe you should upload a pic of your algorythm

Why did you ask me to do that if you weren’t going to help me with it?

Hi Des,

It may not be necessary to reflect the tree structure itself inside the stored preferences. Since you’re in control of the code for the app you’re making, you could just store the preferences as a series of key/value pairs in a JSON or XML file on the POD, and then reconstruct the tree from that data as part of the initialization process when your app loads and reads the preferences file.

If you want to store the preferences in a Solid pod using linked data, you will need an ontology to capture the relationships you have drawn out. You can look at or to see if there are already ontologies related to trading, If not you could either create one or use a generic tree-structure ontology such as SKOS - Simple Knowledge Organization Schema - see