Structure for Music application

Hey there,

I am considering to rebuild a project of mine, which creates a piano and audio visualization based on a mp3, a midi and some metadata (you can view it here).

Currently, all the data is stored on one server. So the website first fetches the song list of the user, and then all data belonging to the selected piano piece (where the files are stored, the design, etc). I think this would be a great use case of Solid Pods, as this would firstly make it easier to maintain the server part of the website, and secondly more interoperable with other applications.

Now I am stuck with how to store the data in the pod. My intended structure is following:

  1. one file containing a list of songs (some basic metadata and links to each song)
  2. multiple files of songs (metadata, links to mp3, mid, pdf, design-file)
  3. multiple design files (e.g. background image, color scheme)

Yet, there are a few questions I couldn’t resolve myself:
Is there already a standard for storing song metadata?
From what I’ve read until now, it seems that the song list and all the metadata should be stored via rdf. Is that reasonable?
Can arbitrary files (mp3, mid, pdf, json) also be stored in the Pod?



Did you already have a look at

Yes, that is one of the core parts of Solid.



What a great project! I think Solid is a perfect match for it and RDF is the way to go for data storage. Two examples of RDF for music are the live music linked data project ( and the music ontology (