In which vocabulary is the "solid:hasWebid" predicate defined?

i’ve looked at different Solid vocabs Solid Vocabularies | vocab , but i can’t find where the webid Class is defined . Is it a profile? or something like that ?

my goal is to add the webid of a contact to a vcard

<user> <vcard:Name> "Blop Mc Mok" .
<user><vcard:hasEmail> "swing@blop.boum" .
<user> ***<SOLID:hasWebId>*** <https://..../profile/card#me>

anyone got an idea ?

Intuitively I would write it inside of <user> (e.g. <https://..../profile/card#me> <vcard:Name> "Blop Mc Mok"). The first part of the triple is the subject, and I guess it makes sense to put the webId there

maybe … if you look at GitHub - solid/vocab: Solid vocabularies … or respective solid-terms.ttl in that repo …

[edit] not helpful, I see its only the repo of the io link you mentioned…

I’m creating an app for managing vcard contacts

Each vcard is stored as a jsonld file on the same folder in the form of

I already have the subject (@id) and the object (the webid) but what property/predicate could I use to say ‘that vcard with that @id has a that webid’

@context: {vcard: http...},
@id: ...,
@type : 'vcard:Vcard',
'vcard:hasName': 'Mike Make',
'vcard:hasEmail': '',
***'solid:hasWebid'***: 'https://spoggy.....card#me',

I would like to use something more specific that a simple vcard:hasURL to say ‘hey there is a solid Pod behind that URL, and there is some potential good thing to do exploring the data behind there,’
Another follow by nose like but from vcard style address book…


My (non-authoritative) thoughts : You are a basically saying "there is a Record and the Record “has” a name and a webId. That isn’t how I see it. There is a Record about a Person (denoted by their WebId) who has a Name. There is no need to describe the relationship between a Person and their webID, as far as RDF the later is only a way of talking about the former.

How about something like this:

:record7 :createdWith [
    a solid:Patch;
    solid:inserts {<webid> vcard:name "foo". }.

my question is about adding to this exemple


a link to the webid of the POD owned by a Person represented by this vcard as it is done for the vcard:hasURL predicate to have a link from my contact book to the webid ,
Contacts are imported from my contact mobile phone and all my contacts don’t have a webid, so webid is not the subject but a object/url linked by something like solid:hasWebid

Again, I do not view it as a vcard that has a webid, rather a vcard about a webid. What is wrong with using @id dct:references webId?

Well, if I want to import them back to my phone (for interopérability ;-), i need a totally compatible vcard format.
it looks as something like Social profile could do the trick


as proposed here vCard Format Extension : To Represent the Social Network Information of an Individual

That one makes sense to me, nice find.

early version here ldp-workspace

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Looks great! Have you been keeping up with the work timbl is doing on the contacts pane? Lots of changes and new ontologies.

No, i didn’t, i will GitHub - solid/contacts-pane: Contact management: AddressBooks, Groups, Individuals and Organizations.