vcard:hasPhoto on profile change

Does anyone knows why in the Solid profile/card#me (on provider at least)

n:hasPhoto "";

does not work anymore and has been replaced by

n:hasPhoto <>


I don’t know to what has actually changed (i.e. did change your data? did some app? what no longer works?), but the former says that is an arbitrary string (i.e. it might as well have the value “Hi, I am Smag0’s photo!”), whereas the latter indicates that it is actually a URL

The repercussions are that if an app is looking for a URL at n:hasPhoto, they former will result in them not finding it.

I’ve personnaly changed nothing,
but i used to get it with tripledoc .getString() and now i must use .getRef()
not only for my profile , but for my friends

Sounds like one of the apps you gave access to your profile corrected it, then. Did you use any other app recently?