Edit profile card get errors

when I edit my profile card ! I get this is errors!
I always login use my webid

Web error: 403 (User Unauthorized) on PATCH of <https://waipy.solid.authing.cn/profile/card>

the profile card about tab has this a error line

Origin Unauthorized!

I can’t edit my profile card! it’s always get 403 errors

How are you editing the profile? With the databrowser or a different app? If the databrowser, it is probably a bug. If a different app, then you need to authorize the app. In the latest Solid Server BOTH user and app must be authorized and a 403 “origin unauthorized” means the origin of the app is unauthorized. To authorize an app, go to your webId in the databrowser (go to …#me, not just …/profile/card), wave your mouse till the menu appears and select the A. This will popup a dialog to set origin authorizations. Use the protocol + domain but no path i.e https://example.com (no trailing slash)

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I use my databrowser edit it

this is my trusted applications config!
maybe has many errors,but this is a one config is correct

Can someone remind me how I can acces the “Manage your trusted applactions” in the browser ?


edit : I found : https://github.com/solid/userguide/blob/master/README.md#using-third-party-apps

Go to your profile and open Trusted Applications pane, it’s icon looks like an A.

Side note: this will be more accessible in the upcoming data browser - you can try it out at https://dev.inrupt.net. Try logging in to a Pod there (e.g. https://megoth.dev.inrupt.net) and you can access it through the user menu on the upper right corner, it’s under “Trusted apps”.

Hi @megoth the first link doesn’t work for me, did you miss the https:// prefix?

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Oh, right, need https for both. Thx, have edited both URIs now.

I already had a POD on https://smag0.dev.inrupt.net/ but it looks like it has the old “home page”,
other page like https://smag0.dev.inrupt.net/profile/card#me seems to have migrated.
So it’s available on none of those pages