Photos manage my pictures/images/slides?


Here is why this a great project to to now:

  • We have done contacts, and after that photos are the next core type of social networking data

  • When people come from say G+ or other SN then pictures is a major component of what they bring.

  • Many people really need to sort out years of family photo library archives which have been entrusted to Apple or Flickr but for longevity must be open source and standard and solid.

  • When I have given talks about Solid I have often given an example that you should be able to put together a slideshow using photos from your own archives, from all the things fiends have given you access to, from all the materials you have at work, and all the free stuff on CC archives. So solid has a great opportunity to deliver huge value. Photos could be a great example of how solid breaks down silos.

  • For many folks out there music collections are no longer really a thing because of streaming, but photos actually have massive sentimental value.

So we should look at footprint designs quite like contacts but for photos, and classes for photo library (or which a person may have access to many). We chatted with folks about classes…

(Note that the data-browser already does the bare minimum: if you have folder with some images in it it will offer you a slide show view.)


You probably already know this, Tim, but for a long time, Google+ was a haven for professional photographers. Once Google Photos was stripped out of Google+, that momentum died but there are still quite a few photographers there. Solving this problem will be critical to even a minimum viable product for those folks. Glad you are thinking about this.

BTW, I just recently downloaded several years of my Google+ (since the beginning in 2011) and I’m guessing that it is around 8 gig (I haven’t unzipped it all yet). So we are talking about fairly hefty data allotments for individual users coming over.


That longevity promise is even more important as a selling point, I think. So many people lose their accounts or their social network hosts just close down (like Myspace and Vine for a more recent example). I can’t begin to count how much of my personal data like photos I have lost control over.

Having a place that can store your photos outside of your laptop (that will eventually get old and be thrown out or suffer unexpected disk problems) and outside of a particular centralized server that can go out of business or sell off your data, I think, is very attractive to regular users. Even to an older userbase.


Sometimes you manage to capture a moment better than you could’ve reasonably expected. This one’s from June 4, 2017…