WordPress, new topics & bounties

Hi All,

I wanted to start a thread about solid / WordPress integration and related work. Does anyone want to collaborate on a functional spec for what would be needed to make WordPress useful in a solid world.

I’ve started work on what I hope to become an soe solutions (standard operating environment) for non-profit and organisational groups, and I am hoping to support “federated” groups and other decentralised functionality via solid compatibility layer plugin projects. As part of this work, I am currently testing:
https://www.peepso.com and note: https://opendevelopmentcambodia.net leverages WordPress + CKAN, which would be super helpful for data / stats based support for community / civics engagement, that could really benefit from a compatible solid based mobile app / WordPress, integrated, software framework.

For that matter, it would be good to be able to federate groups with discourse server too…

To get these sorts of things done, I am looking at how to crowdsource the requirements analysis and bounty (ie: the non coding work) to encourage and support more developers building more “civic” code.

This in turn means the development of new business models and, I wasn’t sure how any or all of this might fit to this forum, and the community it is seeking to develop.




I am very interested in this. The new focus on blocks within Gutenberg makes the prospect of Solid integration very intriguing. By the way, I used to run a nonprofit that built CRM and CMS technologies for the environmental movement. Probably have some lessons to draw from regarding the second part of your post.



Great Info!

Thank you!