Will Solid-IDE ever work again to edit Root index.html home pages

Will Solid IDE will ever work again to edit root index.html pages??? Yep, I am about to say some things that may not sit well with you Jeff or the Solid Team at Inrupt but, you will all have to find away to accept some tuff constructive criticism.

When someone creates an app that works for months and then it is mysteriously broken by the Teams decisions, and it never works again, should it be removed from the app list?

I understand that Solid is making some changes but, to make changes that proclaim the pod is “Controlled” by its owner when in fact it is limited control is a lie!

Yes, I am Mikeadams1 and I am not happy! If I call it out, its the truth, and if you want to ban me for it, or claim that I am acting like a consumer, so be it! But Yo Jeff, if you cant get the app working the way was, then its a failure and if its the fault of Inrupt breaking it, they should fix the problems so that people can keep working otherwise, whats the sense of devs even being here???

As a bystander I get both your frustration at having an app you found useful stop doing what you want, and I understand why it is a normal part of development prior you a commercial release that things break and take time to be fixed.

There’s an additional factor here though, that the app author is unpaid and not charging you, but using this as a way to learn how Solid works and develop his skills to help the project.

Everything here is both pre-beta and free, without any guarantees or warranty.

That doesn’t mean raising the issue and that helping improve the way all this proceeds isn’t useful, but I think Mike you have unrealistic expections given the context.

A bunch of the stuff I’ve created on SAFE is about to stop working because of changes to the API, but I think everyone there realises that. So I think probably the issue here is that this might not have been communicated as well as it could be.


@adventure just curious, but what are you working on that requires a custom root page? could you not just create a custom page / app etc somewhere else in the pod?

I am new to code, I am a painter by trade, and a steinway piano restoration specialist. I am a perfectionist to my own demise. So, I rebuild grand pianos from the turn of the century to the 1950’s. There is no room for error, and if I mess something up on a hundred thousand dollar Steinway concert grand restoration, btw, they have over 12,000 moving parts that must all be synchronized to function perfectly, and if I mess one thing up, the results are, a broken masterpiece. Solid IDE was a masterpiece that did not need anything done to it, I used it almost every day to publish code and to work on some projects here, some that no one is even aware of. So, you are correct once again, I flew off the handle because I am bipolar and must be off my meds again. Not really, but it may be true. My meds consist of the Solid Project and when it is not working or the apps people are making stop working, well there goes my bipolar symptoms and my tension gets released all at once.

Besides that, I feel that we are all trying to support one another, we all want to help change the world, and for the most part, we are all doing this for free. Please forgive me for not being patient, that is not one of my bettor qualities.

I should apologize!

JEFF, I am sorry if I offended you, can you please get it working again? I have become very dependent on your app and without it, I am like a steam kettle about to burst. So, if it would not be to much trouble, could you focus some time on this, if money is the issue, I would be happy to fund your apps research.

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Hi @adventure, couldn’t be solid file manager Solid file manager an temporary alternative to solid-Ide ?

I could create a custom page somewhere else in the pod for sure but, that is not what I have been working on for almost a year. I have been working on creating webpages as apps from the root for various objects, products and information.

Like I said, I am a piano rebuilder and a professional painter, not a code guy by trade so I am learning as fast as I can but, having to learn a new process takes time and effort. I have been going through the solid code and learning as much as possible but man, it is allot to digest so, I will take up your suggestion and get into Solid file manager and take a look, thanks for the advice.

@Smag0 does solid file client work from a cell phone? Solid-IDE worked just fine from my cellphone.

I just tried using solid file client to edit root index.html and for some reason would not work, I may be doing something wrong and will try to figure it out. Will give you an update if I can get it working.

Be patient there is an ongoing review of node-solid-server PR # 1282 that should be pushed to a new NSS version. It was not taken in NSSv5.1.7

Then solid-ide can be updated.

You can try https://bourgeoa.github.io/solid-ide/ it should work on all NSS v4.x and v5x versions.
Exemple https://“user”.solid.community/public/ but not on root.
You need to add https://bourgeoa.github.io as trusted-app on https://. solid.communiy

Please report

That’s sure the index.html is a particular page. What I do is hosting data on the Pod and storing my app on GitHub pages that plug to data .
https://pages.github.com/ ( can host static pages, js, css… ) . So I’m not dependent of changes in index.html

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Mike, @bourgeoa has described the update situation above - he created a fix and we are waiting for it to be implemented. Several people have pointed out other options you have available and that Solid and all of its apps are pre-alpha software and come with no guarantee of stability or usability. Thanks for the offer of money but that isn’t what motivates me to work on Solid and I already spend pretty much full time working on it anyway so there isn’t any more time to give regardless of pay. You’re welcome to hire a third party to fork the software and customize it for you but if they tell you they can have everything working for you on Solid at this stage in the project, they will be either misinformed or lying.


@jeffz You know I am a big fan of yours and my criticisms are because I have become dependent on your app working. I have no problem using Terminal on my Mac to edit with $curl, thanks to @megoth for making me take a crash course in it, took a week to figure all that out! I can use Solid IDE from my cell phone but, have not been able to figure out how to access terminal from my iphone yet, or if thats even possible. But, I do apologies for my volatility, nothing personal, I may be just a little crazy, thats all.

Everyone on this forum must be a little crazy :crazy_face:


Darn right.

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Is there a description of the breaking change in the Solid server and how to solve it? I’ve developed an app and it stopped to work without changing anything. Is now a check for app access to PODs?

I’d appreciate any hints.

Apparently NSS wll soon be retired and replaced with a new Inrupt server so fixing your app for NSS may not be worth it. The big change between 4.x and 5.x was that now both the user and the app need to be granted access. @megoth has posted some great information here in the forum about how to deal with that via acl:trustedApp in your profile. Bugs introduced in 5.x include problems with GET on containers and the rules for how both PUT and POST respond to requests and name files have been changed. Take a look at the recent issues raised on NSS’s github pages to see details.

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@jeffz thanks for the infos.