Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board


Reg wiki, you probably want to check out TiddlyWiki.

For the questions on contributions I’m sure Mitzi, our community manager, will answer you soon :slight_smile:


Hi fellow Solidiers,

I am very sympathetic to the cause. Solid is a sensible response to the current state of the WWW. My background is in chemistry, and more recently IT. I am building a home server from a HP Proliant microserver gen 8, running LXC containers in an Ubuntu host. I want to provide an alternative to FB etc for my family and friends. So I’m moving forward with hosting Solid apps, alongside a Matrix Synapse server. I want to thank everyone who has helped build the Solid protocol and ecosystem.




@bourgeoa has a tiddywiki plugging for Solid


Yep, I had it on my radar :smile: It looks adorable.


Oh, that is awesome. I will have a closer look at it. Thanks.


I’m Eureka Chen from China, My home page https://eureka.name/ and my webid is https://eureka.name/profile/card#me I’m .net core developer, but I could not found any solid app write by .net. so I have to study javascript, typescript, react and so on.


Hi! My name’s Ana and I’m currently studying at “Universidad de Oviedo”, a university from Asturias, Spain.

Right now I’m at 3rd course and studying software architecture, that’s why I’m here learning about SOLID :grin:

I’m working with a team of 5 members on a decentralized routes management system based on the solid specifications and React framework called Viade (feel free to enter and tell us what do you think of our work). In two days we will upload our first demo in our master branch, so you will be able to try it and have an idea of how it is going to be.

I’m really excited about this project because it is helping us to enter the “real programming world”, we are using forums, meeting people,… it’s really different from other subjects! I’m willing to continue viade’s development, researching and reading this forum. Thank you to all the people that are helping us!


My name is Bob and I’m interested in Solid as a very cool application of RDF. My main accomplishment in that world is that I wrote the O’Reilly book “Learn SPARQL” and I blog about related technology at http://bobdc.com/blog/.


Welcome @bobdc, so you’re an expert in Sparql ! really nice ! Glad to see you ! How could we help you ? Did you get a POD ?


I do, at https://bobdc.solid.community/, but I haven’t done anything with it yet. I’m planning to dig into the possibilities this weekend.


So now I’ll recommend you visiting next post as a starting point :slight_smile:

Welcome to Solid Community @bobdc :slight_smile: Glad to see new users with Linked Data experience coming and interested in ‘Solidverse’!


Thanks Alex, I appreciate it!


Hi @Joytag2 , I have built an ember-data-like abstraction to build EmberJS applications on top of SOLID. It has rough edges but the developer experience is rather nice. I never got round to extracting it into an ember addon, but can walk through it and turn it into a library if you’d like.


Hi Dear @madnificent - when you can do it, the question is: why not to do it ?
I really would be happy if I could test and integrate your addon/library in my Ember.JS projects.
Thanx for asking me @madnificent - you are a GOOD man :wink:

P.S.: Somebody have to write POD stuff for Angular/Vue.js/Backbone/Ember etc. anyway.
You would be the first I suppose


Hello everyone, I am Walter Almeida, have been following the group for quite a while. I am the initiator of a low code platform (www.generativeobjects.com) that I am now open sourcing as I believe we need a fully open source low code tech to empower people to fast create new applications, especially impactful applications. I have been developing this platform for the last 12 years and it is now very mature with many projects built on it.

I love the ethics and vision/mission of SOLID, I am 100% aligned and my intention is to contribute to it with all my skills and energy.

I am now envisioning to create a connection between Solid and Generative Objects in order to have a tool to fast create applications using solid data. So that we can accelerate the deployment of Solid and accelerate the creation of the new web. So that we can reach the critical mass of applications to allow this to happen. This connector will also include the inference of RDF vocabularies to accelerate even more the creation of apps. The objective being to be empower non-tech people to author apps.

I plan to now prototype a Solid connector for GO (Generative Objects) and see where it goes. I wanted first to check with you all and confirm the relevance of such a work. And get some hint about what would make a good POC.

All your feedbacks, suggestions, pointer, support and help are very welcomed !

And I am very excited to connect with you all :relaxed:

Proof of Concept ideas for Generative Objects