Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board

Fascinating Pieter,

This is Angel, software architect with a passion for design and founder - ceo of empathy.co

I share the believe that receiver’s location data (beyond address, needless to say) is not necessary to resolve last mile problem.

Interesting to read the shift of focus to the data-flow, and very interested in your work on data-containers for consumers and delivering control over their journey and why not their insights of consumption, habits, trends, etc.

Let me know if you’d like to converse, I see possible options to partner.




Hi Angel, thanks for reaching out! Definitely interested to have a talk. I already saw some of your work in the app-listing (Ohmypod!) and it looks very promising. I’ll send you a personal message, maybe set a meeting next week?



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Hi, I’m a webapp developer who developed a note-taking app that makes it easy to retrieve notes by context; any word in the note, date, or location: [https://serenenotes.hominidsoftware.com/](Serene Notes)

I’m currently developing a replacement webapp that will sync between various devices. I need to store the notes locally in IndexedDB, to support the search functionality. It’s not yet clear to me how well SOLID supports that.

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@DougReeder - If you mean the in-browser indexedDB, that is currently supported by Solid Rest which allows you to use indexedDB and any other storage mechanisms supported by BrowserFS as if they were Solid pods and addressed with rdflib and other Solid frameworks. If you have questions about using it, feel free to message me.

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I’ll take a look - I need the full power of IndexedDB to perform full-text search on every keystroke (as seen in Serene Notes). My goal is have the sync code run in a Service Worker, keeping the local database up-to-date behind the scenes.

Solid Rest would help you if you were doing semantic searches rather than full-text searches, in other words, if you are searching for triples and terms within triples. For full text searches, I’m not sure how Solid relates and you may be better off doing that bit with straight Javascript.

Hello. My name is Gary. I do a range of embedded systems including networking, embedded devices, sensors, actuators, instrumentation, and Linux.

I was looking to update my admittedly dated web programming skills and found this place. I didn’t want to make just another webpage and add to the pile. Solid was a wonderful find and I hope to make worthwhile contributions to a good cause. There is fertile ground here to explore and invent :D. There is also 2 years worth of threads and updates to get caught up on.

My first impressions are of how strong this looks from the outset. I know there’s been two years of more visible activity but you’ve gotten a lot done here in that time. I like the thought challenge this presents :smiley: .


Hello all,

My name is Patrick Hochstenbach, I’m a software developer and digital archivist at Ghent University Library in Belgium. For almost 25 years I’m involved in creating (open source) software for academic libraries and participated in creating protocols such as Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting - Wikipedia and OpenURL - Wikipedia . The last years I’ve spent some time in the LibreCat project (https://librecat.org ) which provides open source ETL tools for library data - Catmandu - a data toolkit - metacpan.org - and an institutional repository solution also called LibreCat.

Starting 2021 I will take a sabbatical leave from my daily work for the library and will start a PhD research on using decentralised web techniques for scholarly publication (registration, peer review, preservation, overlay journals, …) and will join the IDLab group at Ghent University with @RubenVerborgh .

I’m excited to learn more about the Solid project and decentralised web techniques!

Enjoy your day!


Welcome Patrick! Scholarly publication is a topic dear to my heart, so I’m happy to have you here!

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Hihi all! :wave::wave:

I’m a product/UX designer in Oakland, just poking around here to learn a little more about Solid and its applications. I’m interested in alternative/decentralized social media platforms, just looking for places on the web where it doesn’t feel like everything we do is tracked and used to optimize advertisements. I really appreciate the principles that Solid was built on, and it’s great to see progress on the tech that might make socializing on the web feel… not insidious again.

Hyped to learn dive into this community!


Hi everyone!

Is a pleasure start becoming part of this community. The main source of my actual knowledge today is thanks to open source communities and it is always exciting to start all again within a new one.

I’m Javingka. The last two years I been leading a small team in São Paulo Brasil, creating a Unified Knowledge Base, aimed to give to enterprises an abstraction layer of its data ecosystems, a data map build on top of an ontology engine, making possible for example, interoperability between different data sources.

Part of my challenges today is establish relations between a common user and this enterprises, regarding the data within those big data and huge data bases.

I personally believe we as human beings have the right to get total control over all the data we and our children produce.

So yo see, Solid Project is quite aligned with my personal belief and with my working challenges, so here I’m thrilling to make some contribute to the community at some point.


Hi. I’m Miguel Ceriani, a CS researcher, currently working in a university in the south of Italy (University of Bari). My main research topics are linked data, semantic web, paradigms/UIs for visual querying/exploration of (semi-)structured data. I am interested in data ethics and worried about the current trend in hyper-centralization and commodification of personal data, relationships, and communication.

I have been following the development of Solid and now I would like to find ways to contribute and exchange ideas. I am especially interested in supporting communities in Solid, by favouring sharing data and practices among people with similar interests.


Welcome everybody!


Hey etio! Welcome to Solid. I’m the Product Designer at Inrupt-- nice to see another designer 'round these parts. Feel free to connect if you want to talk shop :slight_smile: We also have a Women of Solid group if you’re interested in joining!


:smiley:!! awesome, thank you for the invite.

Hey guys, I’m an entrepreneur working on a project to decentralize data control of performance and talent data of all workers. – I believe that Solid would be the foundation. - I’m here to learn everything I can, and meet developers interested in the project to exchange ideas.


Welcome in the community @danieldone. It sounds very interesting your project. Is it a kind of professional network? I developed myself some ideas in this area a couple of years ago, before I came to Solid. I think it is very important at the moment for Solid to build professional useful applications. You can take a look to this post to lern about the small company I’m currently involved.

Hey @rodant! :slight_smile: Sorta, actually it’s a weird situation… I’ve been working the past year on finding the root to several future of work, hr, people data, collaboration, job sourcing, and retraining challenges everyone is experiencing, and found that at the core, people do not have access to or a way to understand and use the data they create about themselves even though there is a MOUNTAIN of data about them on every work app from slack, to zoom, to jira, trello, etc… We can fix most problems by inverting the data ownership model granting access control from the ground up, fed through API, processed through NLP.

We arrived at this conclusion after 10 iterations speaking with investors and users, with two soft no code demos.

However, due to the transcendence in scope we’re having to expand our view of how we’re thinking about our technology and system architecture.

Our task evolved into needing to build a platform that

  1. Gives each user power over their data, and the choice for when and how it is shared with their teams, groups or the public.
  2. A dynamic user database that is fed by NLP processed API data from their daily work as well as a few other sources.
    2.a. Useful and powerful data visualizations on: Performance, gained talents, skills, and experience, as well as other information on their interactions with others, as well as neural diversity and emotional intelligence insights.
  3. Set goals for yourself, measure and track success
  4. Get career observations and AI suggestions for self improvement.

Everything else comes off that foundation.

The idea being if people Know Themselves they have the power to make themselves and their teams better. If this works for everyone, and the difference is at least 1% this idea could make the world a $1trillion more productive each year. --And I think a lot more people would be happy in their careers.

I think maybe I had heard about Solid in passing a few years ago, but after seeing Sir Tim in the news again this month, I dug deeper because the technology seemed to resonate with where we’ve discovered we need to go.

And I’ve been asking people I’ve met here on the form through DMs - Now I’m convinced that this is not just he platform to do what we’re being told is needed, but I feel like I’ve found our “people”

So I’m currently mapping out how Solid could be the foundation of a concept we’ve already designed and nocode demoed form an UX, and validated… And I want to do it with as much community support as possible. I think we got a few things wrong in our current draft. It’s written with a lesser understanding of the existing technology, legality, and culture of the decentralized web community. — but yeah, if anyone wants to take a look at what we’ve got so far, I’d love to talk.

Really, we just wandered into the back door of the decentralized web party by chasing a ‘need’ and found ourselves late to the party we didn’t even know we wanted to be at. Now it’s time for us to learn/ explore this idea further.


@danieldone - you might be interested in timbl’s work on the contacts pane of the databrowser which deals with ontologies for organizations and individuals.

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Hi I’m Joshua, been a corporate in house developer for 16 years, working with web solutions APIs and primarily a DBA, Coldfusion developer, and .net developer.

I love the concept of Solid and pod focused development work, I can’t stop thinking about it’s implementations and telling folks that know nothing about it what its uses could be (mulitple so far Health Care, Sales, shared cataloging in marketplaces that are developed for business, how might twitter, salesforce/crm, ticketing, events and HR).

I’ve be completely ADHD and this has lit a fuse in my excitement about the future of Technology, I’m headed for a change in career and I’m certain that Solid design/implementation will be part of what I’m doing. My passion is ignited and while I’m not so sure I’m going to solely be a developer would be great to be involved in just architecture and tools discussions.

Looking forward to participating.

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