Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board


I have forgotten to introduce myself. So here my delayed introduction:

Hi, I am Frank - I call myself Joytag on the web because I feel, it sounds more friendly.
I always was interested in all topics related to programming, bút it was the internet (tcp/ip) and so all possiblities of server-client communications that get me really hooked up.
I used to develop desktop apps (with Java and the Eclipse infrastructure) that used the internet for data exchange, but now the web has grown to a good platform (through good standards and browsers) I am switching to Node.js for server side and MongoDB/Mongoose for data storage and a appropriate MVC framework for the browser client. Personally I prefer Ember before Angular.
It was good luck that led me to Solid and the POD project. I think making all sorts of content and relations available via something like RDF is a necessary step for the further development of the web, and the approach to decentralize instead of using great portals with big databases is very welcome.

I am looking forward to having a good time with you here. Shall we inspire each other :slight_smile:

P.S.: I almost forgot to mention, I am very very interested in philosophy too. Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead are my favorites at the time. I also like the pragmatic school (William James, Mead, John Dewey).
So if you are in need for someone to philosophize with - I am ready for everything!


Hi @stivemorgan567 - you are welcome! But please give a short description of yourself, so we can learn to know you better :smile:



I have come from the https://safenetforum.org/ forum (Maidsafe SAFE Net project).

Im based in Melbourne, Australia.

Interested in this project and was introduced to it by @happybeing.

Thank you


Hi all,

I am Alejandro (I prefer to be called Alex :smile:) and I’m a newcomer to SOLID project due my new role as LABs Lead at empathy.co.

I am based in Spain and will work managing a Proof Of Concept R&D project that could improve the UX of PODs data browser, visualization and resolving experiential frictions like (Log In, Create a POD, View my data, etc).

Project is being developed in conjunction with some University of Oviedo students working on their PhD final project.

Nice to meet you all and looking forward to shape the future of the original concept of the world wide web.

Conceptual Design - Solid better User Experience

I’m Damiano I’m an entrpereneurs based in italy.
I’ve follower the Solid Project for a long time and would like to share an idea i’m working on that could support its adoption.
looking forward to reading and collaborating in the forum!



I saw the @timbl lecture and thought I would investigate more. I am not a coder but I do like exploring new technology, creating my first website in 1997 using notepad. I like the idea of restoring the WWW to what @timbl intended and I like the idea of leaving a legacy from some of the content I have amassed over the years.

So far I have downloaded the dokieli extension for Chrome (I couldn’t find it for Firefox) and opened an account at inrupt where I created a public page (https://simonamodell.inrupt.net/public/edu.mit.solid.pane.Dokieli/Publicly%20editable/88b83242-6635-4710-aea3-30a5db3b0258) and I think managed to work out how to make the page editable although not readily visible. I added @timbl as a contact but of course cannot expect such a busy person to comment on what I wrote; having done some reading in the last few hours this is all clearly far more advanced than the simple message on TV last night.

Anyway, that’s this newbie. I will be interested to see where this current exploration leads. Hopefully I can learn more from FAQs etc and not waste anyone’s time with newbie questions!



Welcome, and please note that ‘newbie’ questions are welcome. Not everything is documented or easy to find, so feel to create a new topic on anything you want to learn more about.


Hi All,

I just signed up yesterday after watching TBL’s lecture on televison.

I’m a Artist and this is all new and quite exciting to see the Web 3 develop to a Digital Democracy rather than a Digital Monarchy as it is a the moment.

Dont really know what I can contribute but if you need any artwork please give a shout.

Cheers for now,



Hi - have been interested in personal data for some time. I originally set up a community website for Rutland in the UK back in 1996. In 1998 we then formed a partnership with Rutland County Council and rebranded as RutNet. Despite not being a gov.uk website, RutNet was voted Local Government website of the year by the Local Gov Assoc in 2000. In 2016 RutNet was eventaully displaced by the social media platforms and the council’s need to go down the .gov.uk corporate route. Now however, especially around data, there is a local appetite from all the main provisioning partners to join up again to get data flowing and to apply it for community good. We are in the process of forming a Social Enterprise to be the vehicle to deliver this locally. Looking at Solid and Pods as part of this infrastructure. Say hello if you would like to find out more. My day job is running ROL Solutions ( a spin off from RutNet) which provides software applications to over 100 councils across UK and Europe. Regards Nic.


Hi all :wave:,

Been following the Solid project from afar since it was announced, and wanted to get a bit closer. I’m the co-founder of a company with an extremely similar vision of a more linked and interoperable web built around user-centric data (3Box). We’re built more heavily on IPFS & Libp2p, and gaining some steam in the Ethereum/blockchain development ecosystems, and as we grow I’m looking to see how we can work more closely with the Solid tech and goals and ensure everything being built is interoperable long-term.

I’ll be digging in deeper in the coming weeks and I’m sure asking questions over time, and feel free to reach out to me as well!



Today, in two hours (at 1400 CET) there will be an open public call where you can introduce yourself and find out more about what people working full time on Solid are up to and how to get involved. Tune in on https://zoom.us/j/261297657

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Hi, I’m Ian, a software developer/architect for about the last 25 years. I’m currently working with Hyperledger Indy, so I’m interested in the comparison, overlap and synergies between Solid and Verifiable Credentials. I think the overall goal of the two projects is very similar.


Hi - My expertise is policy change for social justice. I was a business analyst for Salesforce implementations for a while, but have no development experience.



I am Trevor Law and I am a Mechanical Engineer designing automated assembly machinery. I am looking to contribute to development, any way I can, in my spare time, as I’ve recently come to appreciate the danger in the erosion of civil discourse and fortification of echo chambers posed by current social media platforms. At the very least, it looks like social media systems based on the Solid platform/similarly decentralized, would reduce the fan-out of single sources seeding disinformation. Maybe one day facilitating distributed and consensus fact-checking, to lower the time cost of being well-informed, so more people can afford it.

As far as programming xp:
-I went through this book, did almost all the exercises, and believe I understood all the content: https://eloquentjavascript.net/. Also ok with the css/sass/webpack.
-Done some minor embedded development for personal projects and part of work over time (PIC mcu’s)
-Ample amount of ‘engineering’ type minor programming (typically to perform certain computations, or process bills of materials, generate change lists in Excel)

Maybe that’s enough to get some direction on where I can get started. :slight_smile:


Welcome to Solid Trevor Law!

The best place to get started is https://solidproject.org/for-developers



Hello, Mitzi Laszio. - (Happy New Year!) - Very respectable background you have there! - Good on you! - I am an “old” guy trying to learn a new technology. - (?) - I worked with DARPA (back in the 60s) designing protocols for distributed processing (i.e. the Internet baby). - NOW is NOT then. - I hugely agree with the general principles of what SOLID is trying to do. - I have “programmed” in different languages over the years, but today i am totally lost! - I created a POD (and Repository) (via INRUPT and GitHub) (garyfblessington). - (actually, some time ago.) - My interest is rekindled and i am pursuing it further. - Now, i get to my “files” (Folders) there (in the POD) and i can do NOTHING with them (except ADD stuff (and confusion)). - How can i delete folders OR change the content of Files within them? (Please?) - - - I am not concerned with “Branches,” or “Commits,” or “Pulls,” etc. - I am not doing coding in cooperation with others. - Maybe? Things have simply changed over time and the POD i created (some time ago) has lost related “functionality” (and accessibility)? - Should i just delete that POD (account) and start over? - (YARG!) - I have also been a “technical” writer (for many years). - How can SOLID be presented to the general public in a more understandable (and simpler) way! - - - Come on! - Files, Folders, Content. - Simple. - ADD, EDIT, DELETE! - Privacy? - === Permissions! - I cannot change the Permission so that NO ONE can read my files (except ME). - (NO!, not even the viewer!) (because NO can View them!) - I cannot “write” about what I do not understand! - Maybe someday i can contribute to the progress (and dissemination) of this desirable “New Internet?” - (Distributed processing, which WAS its original intention. (I KNOW.) - Best to you! Gary F. Blessington.


Hi @garyfblessington, have you take a look at https://github.com/solid/userguide ?


Hi @garyfblessington

Great to hear that you are digging into the details of Solid.

https://solidproject.org is a great place to look for content including https://solidproject.org/for-developers which has more technical information. Technical writing is very very welcome, the website is developed openly on GitHub, let me know if you’d like to jump on a call to talk about how to get involved more actively.