Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board


I have forgotten to introduce myself. So here my delayed introduction:

Hi, I am Frank - I call myself Joytag on the web because I feel, it sounds more friendly.
I always was interested in all topics related to programming, bút it was the internet (tcp/ip) and so all possiblities of server-client communications that get me really hooked up.
I used to develop desktop apps (with Java and the Eclipse infrastructure) that used the internet for data exchange, but now the web has grown to a good platform (through good standards and browsers) I am switching to Node.js for server side and MongoDB/Mongoose for data storage and a appropriate MVC framework for the browser client. Personally I prefer Ember before Angular.
It was good luck that led me to Solid and the POD project. I think making all sorts of content and relations available via something like RDF is a necessary step for the further development of the web, and the approach to decentralize instead of using great portals with big databases is very welcome.

I am looking forward to having a good time with you here. Shall we inspire each other :slight_smile:

P.S.: I almost forgot to mention, I am very very interested in philosophy too. Ludwig Wittgenstein and Bertrand Russell and Alfred North Whitehead are my favorites at the time. I also like the pragmatic school (William James, Mead, John Dewey).
So if you are in need for someone to philosophize with - I am ready for everything!


Hi @stivemorgan567 - you are welcome! But please give a short description of yourself, so we can learn to know you better :smile:



I have come from the https://safenetforum.org/ forum (Maidsafe SAFE Net project).

Im based in Melbourne, Australia.

Interested in this project and was introduced to it by @happybeing.

Thank you


Hi all,

I am Alejandro (I prefer to be called Alex :smile:) and I’m a newcomer to SOLID project due my new role as LABs Lead at empathy.co.

I am based in Spain and will work managing a Proof Of Concept R&D project that could improve the UX of PODs data browser, visualization and resolving experiential frictions like (Log In, Create a POD, View my data, etc).

Project is being developed in conjunction with some University of Oviedo students working on their PhD final project.

Nice to meet you all and looking forward to shape the future of the original concept of the world wide web.

Conceptual Design - Solid better User Experience

I’m Damiano I’m an entrpereneurs based in italy.
I’ve follower the Solid Project for a long time and would like to share an idea i’m working on that could support its adoption.
looking forward to reading and collaborating in the forum!