Welcome to the Solid Forum, please introduce yourself here. Great to have you on board


Hello all, I’m Michael.
Jeff Z. recommended that I introduce myself to you here on the forum. I’m someone who is following solid and taken an interest in the Dataist movement.
I will be the first to admit to you I’m 100% clueless to all things dev and programming, but I’m doing what I can to educate myself and be a part of the community.
I’m a complete NeWb and I don’t know anything yet but I’m working hard to educate myself and learn things.
I hope I can be accepted even though I’m not a dev or programmer.
I look forward to learning and hope I can bring value to the community. :+1:t2:


I’m Timothy Horton, just an observer trying to understand the solution.

I am concerned by the complexity that is emerging in Solid, and wonder if there is a simpler solution, i.e. create a data coop (solve the data ownership problem with ownership, not technology):


Solid Community,

I’m Jim Schoening, Computer Engineer with the U.S. Army. I have a team of 6 part-time software developers and ontologists preparing to submit (in 2-3 weeks) some open source capabilities that focus on data integration for the individual, which should be a good complement to the Solid platform.

Bob Ganger, CUBRC, Inc., my technical lead, will introduce himself shortly, post our contributions, and lead our team in providing tech support.

Jim Schoening


Solid Community,

I am one of the part time developers that works with @JimSchoening.

Greetings :wave:

  • KH



My name is Bob Ganger from CUBRC, Inc. and I work for Jim Schoening and his team on data integration solutions using the Common Core Ontology. See our recent topic regarding a prototype we put together using the Common Core Ontology and a Solid Pod. We’re hoping to get some good feedback from the community on our ideas and approach. Thanks.


Hi everyone, I’m Marina and I’m just getting started with web development. I feel like one of the main questions for any web developer is how to choose a web technology stack for a project. And recently I came across this article that explains how to do it properly, wanted to share with y’all: https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/web-development-stacks


Welcome to Solid! Most Solid apps use a Solid backend and a Javascript frontend so that simplifies your stack decisions somewhat if you’re thinking of developing in Solid. Something that article glossed over is Javascript build tools - webpack, browserify, yeoman, etc. Each of them has been used in one Solid app or another,


I’m Dmitri and last 20+ years I spent developing backend applications (mostly with Java).

My last project is https://remote4me.com/ - an aggregator for remote jobs

I would like to extend remote4me and to allow candidates to provide anonymous feedback about companies and about the interviews. On the other hand - I do not want to store personal data in remote4me. Probably I could use Solid for this.