Welcome to DeStore!

Hello everyone!

Decentralization is the future of data and all of us are fully committed to making it a reality. That’s why Empathy.co is developing DeStore, a new website with the purpose of making the search for decentralized applications easier and more joyful.

We hope DeStore becomes a place for the solid community to share projects and find new decentralized apps to use (while still being in control of their data). If you are a developer, we would love for your applications to be part of our decentralized catalog and, in return, we will give them the visibility they surely deserve.

DeStore - where decentralized apps become visible.


Cool! Unfortunately I cannot sign in because the login is hardcoded to inrupt.net :thinking:

Yes, we had to do it that way because DeStore is an MVP that we created in 3 months, but in the future, we can create a login where you can select your provider, like in other solid apps :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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