Decentralization – An Invitation for Inclusivity

Hi all, I just wanted to share my blog about decentralizing the web and inclusivity! If you would like to read it, here’s the link: Decentralization – An Invitation for Inclusivity


Nice article, @Marrelleb. You might want to post to Humane Tech Community group on linkedin, if you wish (or to our forum for that matter).

Besides ocassionally here on Solid forum I spend most spare time these days working on Fediverse technical / non-technical / advocacy and community-building activities. What’s interesting that, despite being decentralized (though federated, not yet peer-to-peer), experience with millions of users has shown that this offers no guarantee for inclusion and diversion, and in fact many of the same social issues of mainstream social media (harassment & trolling, etc.) are also growing on the fediverse.

I have started a discussion topic on these phenomena yesterday. See: Improving fediverse culture and social behavior. Independently of that various academics have ongoing research studies on these same topics, related to Fediverse.

(Also - and this probably will be important to this community too at some point - we have an interesting discussion on adopting clearer community values, and moderate on the basis of that. Heads up to @staff as this is done in co-op and alignment to W3C SocialCG and the outcome might be easily reused here)

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