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Just wanted to share Zero Data App which aims to have a simple non-technical explanation of sovereign data as well as a user-friendly app directory that includes apps from the remoteStorage wiki, the Solid project, and the unhosted project. Any feedback is welcome and the source is on GitHub.

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I’m going hang with Fission to talk about 0data, the protocol, funding projects, and other stuff on January 14, 2021. RSVP via the event page to receive a Zoom link before the event starts.

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The recording is now available on the event page, but I’ll embed it directly here (the video has no visual information other than my face).




00:00 Intro
03:17 0data: What is it?
09:22 0data: How to get involved?
09:46 Native to web chasm
12:35 0data: Adding an app
14:57 remoteStorage
16:53 Kommit: flashcards app
19:44 Languages and computers
21:43 Hyperdraft: note-taking app
25:43 Digital gardens
27:19 Digital gardens and feeds
29:14 Hyperdraft: pure text experiece
29:46 Files vs no files
31:06 Fission: Storing keys on multiple devices vs single device
33:03 Fission: Account recovery
34:30 Decentralized funding
40:11 Asking for funding indirectly vs directly
41:19 Developer-centric vs user-centric
41:49 Connecting developers with users
42:40 Funding youtubers vs apps
44:25 App metrics
48:57 Building an open payment standard
51:55 remoteStorage: business model
52:51 Fission: adopting the remoteStorage spec
53:53 Fission: decentralizing the stack
57:24 SOLID
58:30 Unhosted
60:44 Comfort level of people with 0data paradigms
63:30 The app equivalent of sourdough / home-grown apps
66:24 Direct customization of existing apps
70:07 Bootstrapping new paradigms
71:50 Popularizing customization
74:06 Making technology invisible
75:01 Make a garden

I also posted a follow-up demo of the funding button:

00:00 Intro
00:27 App: Before the document limit
01:37 App: After the document limit
02:10 Form: Intro
02:34 Form: Project
03:03 Form: Identity
04:10 Form: Tier
05:27 Form: Summary
05:42 Form: Payment Processor
07:03 Payment: Metadata
09:57 Payment: Confirmation
12:41 App: After checkout
13:59 App: Entering the confirmation code
15:23 App: Expiry
16:59 Server: Request
17:40 Server: Response
18:25 App: Unlock
19:10 0data
19:29 Conclusion