WebSockets specification?

Hello all,

I know there is the Notifications specification that discusses WebHooks and things for subscribing to changes of a resource. I am wondering if there is currently support for using a websocket connection to send data to my pod? If I’m thinking about this wrong or missing something, please let me know.

Hi @gaz009,

As you said, the Solid Notifications Protocol is meant to subscribe to events sent by Solid resources (creation, update, deletion…). HTTP is currently the only way to send data to one’s Pod through the Solid API, there is no spec-compliant way I am aware of to read and write data over a WebSocket connection, only read Pod-related events.

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Thanks for the response.

there is no spec-compliant way

Does this mean there is a spec in the future for this, or is it essentially any way the implementer of the resource server may want to handle this scenario right now?

The Solid specification is very HTTP-centric, and I don’t anticipate this to change in the foreseeable future. If this is required by your use case, I think i wouldn’t seek interoperability for the time being, and implement this specifically for a given resource server. It could potentially be used as a stepping stone for a future specification, although that would be quite a long way out :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the help. I was considering attempting to develop my own resource server to add a couple things that would be nice for my use cases, like support for client side websockets and strategies for multiple users.