Does solid-client-notifications only works with ESS pods?

I tried to use the library for NSS pod, and got an error message:
Error: The server appears to not support notifications: Error: Could not determine storage root or well-known solid resource.

Does it mean that it doesn’t work for NSS servers, or I did something wrong?

Hi @Greetings, no you didn’t do anything wrong, currently @inrupt/solid-client-notifications only works with ESS.

That’s only temporary though: the notifications panel is working on a specification, which ESS and the library only partially implement right now (which is why the libary isn’t compatible with other servers yet, which would require full compliance with the notifications specification).

However, note that currently, the notification protocol used by NSS has known security issues, and I don’t know if it will be ported to the latest version of the specification. Maybe you’ll want to use CSS instead.

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@Greetings you can read a bit more about this in the documentation for that library: @inrupt/solid-client-notifications API Documentation — Inrupt solid-client-notifications Documentation

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@Greetings for nss you got websocket solid-spec/ at master · solid/solid-spec · GitHub

Here is how is used it on popock Search · socket · GitHub

See inbox or agora modules. When i used it it only worked for files and not folder, but i remember some tests later where it worked with folder