Push Notifications (Push API)



I consider redesigning an open source Progressive Web App with simple custom back end to Sollid app. This application uses Push Notification, Notifications API on the client side. And Push API on the server. I would like to ask for your thoughts on how to integrate Push API with a solid server, for example NSS. I thought it might require writing a bot, which would subscribe to Solid WebSockets API and take responsibility for sending notifications using Push API.

It might require a way for applications to store PushSubscriptions on solid server.

Once I start experimenting I’ll share more updates in this thread, at the same time I hope to hear from community if you have already tried to implement Push Notifications.

Allow app developer to use advanced server-side feature

This thread might be of interest to you.


I agree, something like this will likely be necessary. (I figured to try tackling WebSub (previously PubSubHubbub) first, but this might be a decent approach too.)


This article might be also helpful - https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/how-to-build-a-progressive-web-app-best-tools-and-examples#progressive-web-app-technologies