Websock response on unmodified folder

We are playing around creating a chat in solid and we are starting to use websockets for the notifications. We have defined two sockets. One pointing to https://ch1ch0.pod.ideniox.com/inbox/13457fef486fb65ec886e023a9a13a7d/log.txt and another to https://ch1ch0.pod.ideniox.com/outbox/log.txt

We have developed it in a way that all outbound messages are store in the outbox folder and inbound messages in the inbox folder.

Our problem:
Upon receiving a message from another user, both websockets react to the incoming message, even when nothing is changing in the outbox folder.
We have defined the websocket as below where addressee is either https://ch1ch0.pod.ideniox.com/inbox/13457fef486fb65ec886e023a9a13a7d/

socket = new WebSocket(
addressee.replace(‘https’, ‘wss’),
socket.onopen = function() {
this.send(sub ${addressee}log.txt);
console.log(“Connect socket”, addressee);
socket.onmessage = msg => this.refreshFolder(msg, addressee)

Has any one seen this behavior?