Solid Notifications

  1. How do I display the Solid notifications directly on a Solid app rather than redirect the user to the inbox?

  2. How do I make sure that when I add a friend or share a route that the notifications appear in my inbox?

Using websocket API but don’t work on folders ( for the moment?), so I use a log.ttl file too

There are three things one might call “a notification”:

  • an inbox message. This is what the LDN spec calls a “notification”
  • a pub message in websockets-pubsub. This notifies the in-browser app that something on the pod changed, e.g. a new inbox item arrived (but see @Smag0’s comment above).
  • a desktop or phone notification as described on

You can have a look at (source code: It sends a desktop notification when a websockets-pubsub notification indicates that an LDN notification arrived in your inbox. :smiley: That code at least used to work a year ago, although it gave me an error when i tried it just now.


Error for me too


You must give permissions to the web to be able to write to your inbox. You can enable this in your preferences

Thank you :+1::blush:

I mean your first point. Leave him a message in his inbox. I suppose it is done with a POST request. What I do is count the items that I have in that folder. But I don’t understand what is LDN?

Hi again, everybody.
Thank you very much for all the responses. We have already managed to send a notification and stay in the inbox. We send a .ttl file with various relevant information. Have a nice day