Api-websocket, nature of change and resource changed

according to the api-websocket
solid-spec/api-websockets.md at master · solid/solid-spec · GitHub, we can now subscribe to containers .

it would be nice if we could get the nature of the change (POST, PUT, PATCH, DELETE) and the resource changed, for example, when a new file is added :

pub https://example.org/data/ POST https://example.org/data/the_new_file.txt

or when it is modified

pub https://example.org/data/ PATCH https://example.org/data/the_new_file.txt

otherwise, we only know that there is a change in the folder https://example.org/data/ and we don’t know which change, so we have to retrieve all resources and, fetch them all, to look which one have change
or perhaps better, something like ESS notification :


When a new folder is inside https://example.org/data/ and change are made in that folder, notification are not send should we re-subscribe to https://example.org/data/ .
Does this new subscription replace the first one or does it cumul subscribtion on the server ?