The Solid protocol version 0.9.0 is published!

The latest version of the Solid protocol, version 0.9.0, has been published!

Solid Protocol (also currently on Solid Protocol, and editor’s draft is available on Solid Protocol)

Please provide feedback by raising issues on GitHub: Issues · solid/specification · GitHub

Related sources: Solid Protocol, Version 0.9.0, 2021-12-17 from Sarven Capadisli on 2021-12-21 ( from December 2021)

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Hmmm, post turned a bit weird with Discourse showing the titles of the resources instead of their URLs… But hope people find the update useful nonetheless :slight_smile:

Discourse is just trying to make it more human readable:-)

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Hi, I think I see a way forward to add Direct & Indirect LDP Containers in NSS & CS. The question is what REST API additions could be agreed upon? Defining the ldp:membershipResource?

In general it is recommended to raise issues such as these at Issues · solid/specification · GitHub. If you want to chat with the people working on the spec, e.g. to clear up stuff before raising a formal issue, I recommend you head to solid/specification - Gitter