204 response when requesting for wss uri

Hello everyone, I am trying to follow this specification : solid-spec/api-websockets.md at master · solid/solid-spec · GitHub
To get the wss uri it says to send OPTION request
I try to perform this request in the following way:
const request = await fetch(‘https://inrupt.net/’, { method: ‘OPTIONS’});
But what in return I get a 204 response

Is there something I am doing wrong?

Looking at the configuration there, that server should have NSS’s “live” feature enabled, though I’m not sure on the specifics of how that’s meant to work. Though, a little poking and prodding, and it looks like you may want:

await fetch('https://inrupt.net/', { method: 'HEAD'}); // or GET

Which does return the Updates-Via header.

Keep in mind that this websocket protocol is superseded by the Notifications protocol:

This protocol is very similar to what ESS 2.0 (https://login.inrupt.com) and the @inrupt/solid-client-notifications package provides (there’s some differences), but I doubt NSS will adopt the new protocol.

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Thank you very much for your detailed answer.
I know that NSS probably won’t adapt to a new protocol.
This is why in my application I am using the Inrupt’s library for the ESS servers and for the sake of compatibility want to use this outdated protocol for NSS servers.

Ah! Keep in mind the protocols likely give significantly different event data; interop maybe be hard