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Application Homepage: WebClip - Clip all the things - Chrome Web Store
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Store all the interesting things around the Web on your personal online datastore
WebClip not only allows you to bookmark your favorite web pages, but to store all the interesting things you find on the Web - like recipes, fashion, products, games, and much more - in a structured way to your personal online data store based on Solid web standards.

Connect your Solid Pod and start collecting interesting things found across the world wide web.

Author Name: Angelo Veltens & Edward Byne
Author Homepage: https://angelo.veltens.org
Author Contact: https://angelo.veltens.org/#/contact

Open Source (yes/no): yes
License (if open source): MIT
Code Repository: GitHub - codecentric/web-clip: A Chrome extension to extract structured data from any web page and store it to a Solid Pod.

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This is great, I’m sure it’ll be super useful :D. I have given it a try and I’ve seen a couple of issues.

First, when I logged in to my Solid POD it asked me to approve an app running on the url of the website I wanted to clip, instead of a url for the extension which is what I would expect. I guess this is a bug, right? If it isn’t, it would be very cumbersome having to authorize every website I want to clip.

The other issue I had is that when I tried to clip the website, I got a “400 (Bad Request) on PATCH” error. Looking at the network, it seems like the request is using invalid syntax for some reason:

Patch document syntax error: Line 1 of <https://noeldemartin.solidcommunity.net/webclip/2021/10/11/73bdf7c7-babe-429b-bba2-042112a7a987>: Bad syntax:
   Unknown syntax at start of statememt: '[object Object]'
   at: "[object Object]"

In case it’s useful, this is the website I tried to clip (I expected this to add a Recipe to my POD): Simple Homemade Chicken Ramen - Fork Knife Swoon

I also noticed that this website has a lot of Semantic Data, and I only care about the recipe. But the extension doesn’t seem to give me a choice and tries to add everything.

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Thanks, I hope so!

Kinda… I do not want this, but it is the only solution I found so far to log in via a chrome extension. If you can tell me how I can do the auth flow using the extension url I am super grateful.

I can confirm it for this one and opened an issue 400 on Patch when clippling https://www.forkknifeswoon.com/simple-homemade-chicken-ramen/ · Issue #7 · codecentric/web-clip · GitHub Please report any site that does not work. The data out there is very diverse and error prone and we need to harden the processing.

The more the merrier :smiley: We wanted to keep it simple for now, but more control over what exactly to clip is on the roadmap (aka in my head for now)

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I haven’t looked into this myself, but I guess you could technically set up a website that acts as a mediator for clipping and that’s the app I would authorize? The drawback is of course that it’s no longer “just” a browser extension.

I’ll let you know if anything else comes to mind, I think using browser extensions for doing things with Solid is very interesting.

Congratulations, @aveltens, and your teammate, for creating WebClip! I added it to my Chrome extensions, and it’s super fun and resourceful to use! If you ever want to showcase this during a Solid World, feel free to apply here!!

I look forward to using this application more. :smiley:


Marrelle B.

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Thanks @Marrelleb we will apply eventually, but want to add some more features before that!

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Sounds good!

With a fixed rdflib it works, at least on CSS. NSS seams not be capable of handling SPARQL Insert with > 10000 statements (which brings us back to letting the user decide what to clip)

Really cool to see so much data on a site! :slight_smile:

PS: We really need that recipe-pane on SolidOS :wink: I am getting hungry

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