A mobile web app for storing & sharing your bookmarks on your Solid Pod

smartphone installable : let you share urls from other apps.

Not really sure for the english sub-titiles of the youtube Video, so let me know if something is not clear

Using the last Inrupt authentication / data processing libraries

Booklice app : booklice

Code source : GitHub - scenaristeur/booklice: Partage tes liens favoris depuis ton Pod Solid, share your bookmarks from your pod

My public booklice : booklice


If you use/try it, please share your booklice page :wink:

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I tried to try it, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to save anything. This might also be due to my limited grasp of French though - I’m probably doing something wrong…

@Vincent really strange, what provider / pod do you use ?
Does the javascript console say something wrong ?
The video has english subtitles Booklice. Bookmark sur ton Pod Solid. Decentralisation - YouTube

I use and yeah, there’s a lot in the console. Here’s some of it:

yeah the 404 is normal that the app does find a bookmark folder on your pod the first time it is run, but i’ve remade the test with a brand new Pod on and it seems to work

your preferences/permission for domain seems ok.
What happens when you go further ?

What do you mean by “go further”?

if you create a bookmark, and click on the “Enregistrer/save” button, what does the js console say ?

Uncaught (in promise) TypeError: t.tags.forEach is not a function
    e vue-solid.js:309
    u runtime.js:63
    z runtime.js:293
    A runtime.js:118
    Babel 8
    addBookmark vue-solid.js:278
    addBookmark solid.js:35
    C vuex.esm.js:851
    dispatch vuex.esm.js:516
    dispatch vuex.esm.js:406
    dispatch vuex.esm.js:779
    add booklice.js:30
    C vuex.esm.js:851
    dispatch vuex.esm.js:516
    dispatch vuex.esm.js:406
    add NewNote.vue:85
    VueJS 14

Brother Smag0,

able to put in my pinned Solid Apps thus far into my European powered POD

had a hitch with restoring an POD session but it was just a problem on my end ( just needing to clear cookies and relog )

Solid is spec,

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@Vincent I think you are viewing an old version of Booklice.
Please try to clear your temporary files
When a new version is available, this popup window invite you to close the app and reopen to get the last version

I’ve versionned the app, so you should see at the very bottom of the app the version number and use the v.0.0.1 or more. see

Nope, I was using v0.0.1 - however, I got it working now. The problem was that apparently if you leave the “Tag” field blank, nothing happens. When I add a tag, it gets added successfully!

I do see two duplicate PUT requests though. Not a major issue since the data still gets saved, but might be a sign that something’s going wrong:


Yeah i must check for optional fields (tags, description), cause description can not be here too.

the second PUT is done if you let the checkbox " Partager sur Booklice Pod" (Share on Booklice POD) under the “Enregistrer” button.
This publish your Booklice on a common POD, something like a social wall

Démo of booklice by @jaxoncreed

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