Poddit - link sharing app

I’ve been getting my feet wet with Solid, and as such have whipped up a first basic app: poddit.

It’s very basic, but let’s just call it MVP and pretend it’s the hip new thing :slight_smile: At this point, you can log in with your pod, and then bookmark links, and view previously bookmarked links.

Currently, links are added as interests to your profile. I’d like to turn them into activities so they’re more ephemeral, but I haven’t figured out how to do that yet.

Ideas for later include:

  • Exposing Likes and Dislikes, turning it into a reddit-like voting system.
  • Add the ability to view the links of others in the poddit UI.
  • Adding the ability to create a list that others could post their links to, to facilitate subreddit-like functionality around particular subjects. I’m not quite sure about the appropriate data model for this yet though.

As you can see, it’s not very imaginative, but it’s a good way to get some feeling for developing Solid apps :slight_smile: Eager to hear what you think!


Cool! I am not sure if foaf:topic_interest is the right predicate here. Have you taken a look at https://markbook.org yet? It is another bookmarking app that is using a different vocabulary. Activities might also be an interessting approach, indeed.

I like your ideas and am curious what comes up :slight_smile:

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I am quite sure that it’s not :slight_smile: The primary issue here is finding out how to use a more appropriate vocabulary.

I had not seen that, thanks for the link. I’ll take a look and see what vocabulary it uses. Edit: Hmm, it looks like the MarkBook repository does not contain its code - do you know if I can look at its code anywhere?

I also just realised I did not link to the source code, and I’m not allowed to add another link to my first post. The project is on GitLab.

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The code is actually in the repository. It took myself a while to figure out that it is all in index.html. :exploding_head:


D’oh! Of course, thanks for the pointer :slight_smile:

Update: poddit links are now saved in their own .ttl file on your pod. I’m hoping to add some more customisability options in the future w.r.t. where they get saved, but for now this at least prevents them from polluting your interests.

They’re now also stored as ActivityPub Page Bookmark objects, and thus now also have a name associated with them, and are compatible with MarkBook.