Chrome extension to add context menu to your favorite Solid Apps

AcmePlugin (names…names…) is a Chrome extension I’m experimenting with to add context menus to every link, image, page in a website.

The pitch is that in a decentralized world there will be many apps that do specific tasks like browsing files, uploading, text editing, gaming, etc etc. For a resource (or type of resource) one might want to open a favorite Solid app. Not one app will do everything.

This Chrome extension adds some support to open a favorite Solid App by context (let a user choose).

Screenshot 2022-06-25 at 20.46.28

I don’t know if there are similar projects (this is related to Ruben Verborgh’s doctoral thesis I know). What I actually wanted to make was an extension that is more dynamic and uses some heuristics of the resource url (and resource itself) to create a context menu.

Any ideas?

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I’ve just started a similar project myself actually, named Solid Link, where the idea is to connect Linked Data resources to Solid-compatible apps (I’ll just call them apps). The idea is that a user after installing the extension will be prompted when visiting apps whether or not they want to use that app for specific resources.

The idea is that apps can advertise their capabilities in the <head>, and the apps handles the rest.

I haven’t done much research in terms of existing schemas to describe this, but I’ll let you know if I find anything. Just wanted to share my project for now (which was just recently started btw, so not very much to find there yet).


@megoth super! Also check this: Distributed Affordance: An Open-World Assumption for Hypermedia | Ruben Verborgh Ruben was using Hydra to describe the capabilities of apps.

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