Using the Solid Community Server Identity Provider

Hey Solid Community,

I have been exploring and learning Solid for the past couple of weeks. Recently, I tried running the community server with the built-in identity provider following these instructuctions GitHub - solid/community-server: Community Solid Server: an open and modular implementation of the Solid specifications but I’m having some trouble and can’t make it work.

I’m able to successfully setup and run the community server locally but I’m getting the following error when I try to PATCH http://localhost:3000/profile/card in order to add the OIDC issuer registration token:

I’m not sure what is causing the error, all help is much appreciated.

Could you share the body of your PATCH request? Looks like CSS is reporting a syntax error, which might be either a problem in your syntax or in CSS’s parsing of it.

Also tagging @RubenVerborgh, who I know finds the forum UI confusing but is interested in CSS usage.

Yes, sure. The request body is the same as in the documentation - I’m just changing the IDP_TOKEN. I’m trying to modify an existing resource.

Request Body:

PREFIX : <#>
PREFIX solid:
:me solid:oidcIssuerRegistrationToken “J2w70DGpqN5Kfs2SDeP5q” .

Thanks for your help!

Here’s the cURL request:

cURL request:

curl -X PATCH -H “Content-Type: application/sparql-update”
-d ‘PREFIX : <#>
PREFIX solid:
:me solid:oidcIssuerRegistrationToken “J2w70DGpqN5Kfs2SDeP5q” .

I’m putting that in a separate reply because I’m getting an error that as a new user I’m not allowed to put more than two URLs in the same reply.

Seems you are missing dots at end line 1 and 2