Community Server DPoP Error

Hi Solid Community. I’m a developer trying to learn Solid and facing an issue getting a local Community Server + Inrupt solid-client-auth-js sample Node app running. Is this the right place to seek help…?

I’m running the Community Server pulled from GitHub (version 0.9.0) with the standard filesystem-based config (from -c config/file.json). I’m exposing the local port (3000) through ngrok as a temp solution to get me started. For the client, I’m running the Node demoClientApp from the @solid/solid-client-authn-js repo on GitHub locally on port 3001 and changed the OIDC issuer to my ngrok exposed endpoint for the Solid server.

I am able to access the IdP within the Community Server and create a WebID + pod. I am then able to login successfully to my WebId through the demoClientApp. However, when I try to read my card through the demo app I get the following error:

BadRequestHttpError: Error verifying WebID via DPoP-bound access token: "jwk" (JSON Web Key) Header Parameter must be a public key
    at DPoPWebIdExtractor.handle (/Users/chyuibacca/Development/Solid/@solid/community-server/dist/authentication/DPoPWebIdExtractor.js:50:19)
    at processTicksAndRejections (internal/process/task_queues.js:93:5)
    at async AuthenticatedLdpHandler.runHandlers (/Users/chyuibacca/Development/Solid/@solid/community-server/dist/ldp/AuthenticatedLdpHandler.js:69:29)
    at async AuthenticatedLdpHandler.handle (/Users/chyuibacca/Development/Solid/@solid/community-server/dist/ldp/AuthenticatedLdpHandler.js:46:61)
    at async SequenceHandler.handle (/Users/chyuibacca/Development/Solid/@solid/community-server/dist/util/handlers/SequenceHandler.js:27:26)
    at async Server.<anonymous> (/Users/chyuibacca/Development/Solid/@solid/community-server/dist/server/BaseHttpServerFactory.js:34:17)

I presume I’m missing some configuration…? There is mention in the Community Server README about having to PATCH my card with an OIDC registration token, but I’m not sure where I would get the token from or how I would PATCH the card without an authenticated session?

Is anyone able to help me get this up and running?