Solid Community Server - Bad Request / 400


I have an application that uses the @inrupt/solid-client-authn-browser for authentication and reading pods. The application works like expected when using pods from, and pod spaces. But when running the solid community server on my laptop, it will only let me log in but not read/update resources in my pod…

The error received: Bad request / 400 : “error verifying webid via dpop-bound access token: the authorization header parsing failed”

Do I need to add something to the header ?

Where are you logging in to when you try to access the local CSS?

Using @inrupt/solid-client-authn-browser and solid community server should generally work out of the box, though there are some cases that still fail and some that are not permitted by design.

You would probably need to provide more information, e.g. the Dpop token generated for a dummy account that shows the error.

The code for token verification is here:

I can’t actually find the error you report but there are recent changes that affect the parsing validation. The recent versions of the error report an actual vs expected, so you might want to upgrade/ wait until an upgrade is available.