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I am looking to seen if end to end use cases have been done for verticals. ie health records, calenders, financials.

There is a comprehensive list of Solid apps at Solid Applications · Solid which may have some of what you are looking for. Some examples for the specific categories you listed would be:



Hi, There are many end-to-end use cases that we are working with at the moment in Inrupt.
They include:

  • Government and public service (using Solid Pods for citizen-consent driven data sharing between government agencies
  • Retail - To get a better consent-driven picture of customers
  • Healthcare - To allow for better interoperability between health providers and to get the right information to the right people at the right time to give better care and save lives.

If you want to see a good presentation of some specific usecase, take a look at May 2022 Solid World — Flanders Data Utility Company on Vimeo - in which the Flanders government talk about two of their usecases.

Also the BBC

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Would you be a good person to discuss this with at Inrupt.

I feel like we might be able to collaborate. I am working with the National Science Foundation and the California Small Business Administration on a project that will enable personal data for the consumer. In the past few months I have conducted some in depth interviews on consumer personal data usage and how much time it takes for them to manage it, and where they have largely given up. I think this use cases are very pertinent to the fundamentals of the Solid, and I want to know how Solid would handle them


Hi Sindhu,

The best thing to do is to send an email to

Many thanks


Hi @sindhuraju ,

As Max points out there are indeed several end to end use-cases worked out or being worked out.
However, most of those are running in a PoC/Pilot set-up or running in stealth mode which makes it difficult to get a good demonstration unless you are actively involved.

However, here are 3 quite interesting use-cases already running that illustrate the power of Solid quite well (one in Belgium, two in the Netherlands).

  • Karamel is an app that allows people to apply for a job in a secure an innovative way, allowing you to reuse your data and be in control. They launched recently. Check them out here: Karamel

  • Linckr is a platform that connects house buyers, notaries and real estate brokers with each other to securely share data in an interoperable way. The website is only in Dutch but definitely worth checking out: Lickr architecture

  • the Dutch Digital Heritage built a collection registration system based on Solid. There app is probably not that illustrative (unless you own/work in a museum for example :slight_smile: ). You can check it out here: Solid-CRS.

But as mentioned above, many many other use-cases (in banking, health, utilities, gov, …) are not (yet) publicly available.

Happy to share some insights!


Thanks, I would love to talk.