Solid: Open banking and finance use cases

Hi solid! :wave: Wondering if anyone in the community is looking into Solid use cases and applications to retail banking?

Solid could be an elegant way of sharing financial data across an ecosystem of providers, and I’m super interested in figuring out how Solid could improve existing FS innovations like Open banking, Open insurance, and embedded finance.

I also work on a lot of these initiatives globally, and keen for a chat with anyone interested.


I’m not sure if it’s “open banking” (which iirc is a specific API standard created in the last decade), but Natwest has been looking at solid:

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Hi David, yes as @ThisIsMissEm pointed out, Natwest went public with one of their projects a couple of years ago. There are other global retail banks that are interested in Solid that we have been engaging with with some very interesting usecases, not just in financial data. At the moment, there isn’t anything I could share, but Solid+banking will be an extreamly active space in the coming years.


Hi @DavidBG ,

In the past year, we have supported the design of use-cases with 3 different bank/insurers in Europe (with headquarters in BE, FR & NL). Each of these banks ended up with a different use-case being selected, so that really shows the potential of Solid. Happy to share some insights during a call if you’d like!

Hi @Lauvdb, when you say “we”, you might want to clarify who that is, given that this is a public forum :slight_smile:

Hi @Vincent,

“we” is Digita.

Digita has been focussing on Solid since 2018.