Do you know about an up and coming event or trend relevant to Solid?

@eduardoinnorway wrote"

“I would (also) like to see some people do some research from everything from what is happening in Open Banking, GPDR, etc… to try to spot where the Ddays are to break through in the industry and also how to reach the masses. And from there propose projects that give impact.”

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hi, i am guang, just joined the forum. hope everyone is well?

i am working on an open banking project in london and plan to apply solid in our architecture. this is the only thread i seem to be able to find about open banking. is there a thread discussing this topic somewhere already?

you may be interested in reading about SolidPay:

im not sure what the status of it is, but it has been an interesting read through for me regarding anticipated architectural patterns regarding SOLID applied to the “payments” space .

thanks markjspivey!

the project seems to have stopped over a year ago and there isnt much info about the author. i did trace to a Melvin Carvalho on github and linkedin. not much revelation.

reason for trying to pin the author down is i’m working in the open banking sector in london and wanted to have my app built on Solid. would want to meet someone working in a similar field to exchange ideas. never mind.

how come you are interested in solidpay, may i ask?