Unable to delete markdown file

I have a markdown file that isn’t displayed properly. I just get a “Loading …” message:

When I try to delete it I get an “Unable to delete” message:

And when I look at the sharing data all I get is this:

I don’t know how I managed to do this but I now have two files that I can’t delete, this one and another markdown file that displays correctly in the markdown view but doesn’t give any sharing information.

Can anyone explain this? And is there a way to get rid of these unwanted files?

I suppose you tried to use the sharing pane on Welcome.md and removed the owner part, locking yourself out of the file leaving only Read for everybody.

As server admin, I renamed Welcome.acl to Welcome.acl.txt so you can see the acl content.
Everything should be working now.

This is a known problem. Always check to keep at least ReadWrite access.

You can ask for support and report issue on GitHub - solid/solidcommunity.net: Operational issue tracking for solidcommunity.net


Many thanks, @bourgeoa. I had surmised that I had somehow removed all access to those files but I wouldn’t have done that deliberately and I still don’t know how I managed it. :frowning: What is clear, though, is that I don’t fully understand how the sharing permissions work. The Data Browser’s User Guide doesn’t seem to cover all the behaviour I see on my Pod. Is there some further explanation somewhere that I’ve missed?

And can I ask another favour, please? Can you recover the other unaccessible file for me, too?


Sorry to be a pain.

It looks as though I might have fallen foul of issue #39 in the GitHub issues list.

Same problem, same solution applied. Done.

If you feel something is missing in the guide can you open an issue and post a Pull Request (PR)